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Miniatures - African, mythical and dolls house collectors pieces crafted by Pam Jones


Welcome to my web site that I believe will give you a totally different aspect and knowledge of what I have to offer the collector and general miniature enthusiast. I have recently re-designed this web site to give you the visitor a more in depth view of the miniatures that I have hand crafted. The history, original materials used, regions, uses and general advise on where possibly the best location for your newly acquired miniature should be, based of course entirely on historical reasons only and not to be taken too literally!!

NEW !!! Enchanted VillageVisit Africa, a continent of violent yet beautiful contrasts through masks, stools, idols and animals. Stroll through an imaginary garden of luscious green foliage and colourful houseplants. Set up your home with an array of ceramic objects that would grace any dolls house or special room box. Finally let your imagination go wild and browse unusual and totally unique Pam Jones creations of Fairies and Myths that are already being talked about from Africa to Europe The USA and beyond. Enjoy browsing through Pam Jones’s World of Miniature Creations

Enjoy browsing through Pam Jones’s World of Miniature Creations
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