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Pam Jones

I have grown up with art and from my early days of childhood having artistic parents and subsequently developing a love for nature and history and thus combining my two greatest loves into my miniature world.

My grounding began in Wales, the land of Folklore and Myths followed by a soujourn in England where I studied art at Bristol College of Art specialising in 3D Design. I then shared my artistic talents teaching handicrafts to the Physically Impaired before emigrating to Cape Town, South Africa and bringing up a family.

South Africa certainly opened my eyes to the wealth of material both natural and artistic that is available in this wonderful country. In 2002 I decided to concentrate on making miniatures using local materials and my intimate knowledge of African History, flora and fauna and my love for the mythical.

I now attend two great Internationally recognised and very well organised miniature shows namely Tom Bishops' Chicago International in the USA and Miniatura ® in the UK. It is from shows like these and the reaction that I see in the joy of peoples faces from seeing my minitures that I get inspiration to produce such a diverse range of miniature pieces.

If I can achieve the objective of bringing joy into peoples' lives in their own miniature collections and through my artistic talent then I am greatful for being addicted to miniatures!


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